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Mission: Formulating and implementing Plans, Policies, and Measures for the empowerment of Women Members.

  • Promoting the fulfilment of Women Member's potential through capacity building initiatives, skill development activities, providing awareness of various employment opportunities and by other similar means
  • To involve Women Members in various Research and Publication activities
  • To encourage and develop Leadership and Entrepreneurship skills in Women Members
  • To give representations/inputs/suggestions on enhancement of role of Women professionals in Accountancy and allied fields at various Governments, Stakeholders, Industry and other related forums
  • To organise Trainings Programmes, Workshops, Short Term Courses, Seminars, Conferences, Webcasts/ Webinars and Residential Course for Women members either jointly with other Committees or individually
  • To encourage, groom and create opportunities for Women Members to be the Independent Directors in the companies under the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013.
  • To visualise and enhance opportunities for Women Members who opt to work on flexible basis
  • Updating and maintaining of existing portal of women members.
  • To deal with other matter as the Council or the Directorate may consider appropriate

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