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ICAI Library Guidelines and Membership Charges.
Central Council Library Software - Online Search of Books, Journals & Articles in Library
The Central Council Library of the Institute has implemented a Library System to enable members and students search the Books, Journals and Articles in the Library for topics in which they are interested; which can be accessed from the following link:
Central Council Library Software - Online Search

Accountants Browser
The Central Council Library prepares a monthly index of articles pertinent for profession published in various journals subscribed by the Library such that members and students can identify and easily access in the Library. This index is titled Accountants Browser and published in the monthly journal of the Institute – The Chartered Accountant. The following link provides the latest Accountant Browser and monthly archive from 1999 till date, of these articles for ready reference:
Accountants Browser


Recent Additions of Books
Recent Additions of Books

Subscribed Journals
List of Print Journal and Magazines

Compilation of Online Journals List
The Central Council Library has a compilation of Online Journals and List of Online Professional Databases for ready access of members and students. The same is available at the following link:
List of Online Professional Databases

Online Journals

Suggest Books/ Journals/ Online Services for Central Council Library
The Central Council Library invites members and students to suggest Books/ Journals/ Online Services useful for the profession, for inclusion in the Library. Such requests may be sent to

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