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  • To develop a National Resource Centre for promoting Financial and Tax literacy in the Country, to achieve the objective of inclusive growth and support the vision of Government of India.
  • To create National awareness campaigns to educate people on basics of tax laws, accounting and various aspects of the financial system in India and the ways to manage personal finances, financial wellbeing and tax compliances with the goal of increasing compliance and reducing the knowledge gap in the society .
  • To promote the Financial & Tax Literacy amongst various strata of public (including Students, Salaried /Retired persons, Businessmen & Entrepreneurs, Law Enforcement Personnel, Defence People, Teachers & Academicians, Professionals such as lawyers, doctors, engineers etc.)
  • To develop “easy to read” Publications/ E-books/ Reading Materials/ Guides etc./ digital contents including animated videos on financial and tax literacy subjects, in English, Hindi and Regional Languages
  • To develop courses on Financial and Tax Literacy based on target audience.
  • To develop training resources by empanelling experts
  • To connect with Central Government/State Government, Central Government / State Government Schemes
  • To support Government initiatives with regard to Self- help Groups and MSMEs
  • To associate and collaborate with Stakeholders/Education Boards
  • Conduct surveys, seminars and workshops on the subject of Financial & Tax Literacy especially in regions where the ratio of financial literacy is poor.
  • Research and Development
  • To develop and maintain a dedicated website to promote the national cause of Financial and Tax literacy.
  • Any other related matter

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