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  • Facilitate communication and sharing of knowledge between ICAI and its members as well as other organisations dealing with Management Accountancy.
  • Develop best practice guidance in areas of strategic importance to Management Accountants in practice and business/industry.
  • Conduct research within the country for understanding the various changes which have taken place in the area of Management Accountancy over the past many years and communicate relevant findings to the academic wings of ICAI for facilitating the setting of syllabus at various examination levels of the Institute.
  • Facilitate ‘accountants in management’ in focusing, benchmarking and developing their contributions to management accounting processes in organisations.
  • Help managers in organisations for understanding, evaluating and developing that distinctive area of their work concerned with the effective use of resources.
  • Provide guidance to members in focusing and consolidating their efforts on a rapidly evolving area of practice, where capacities to both understand and contribute to change are important outcomes of learning processes.
  • Be of use for professional associations and others in formulating and consolidating the work technologies through the IT initiatives of the Committee like webcasts, webinars, any other technological media platform and migration to e-modules.
  • Develop a deep insight into the various international popular Management Accounting concepts and compare them with findings of the above-mentioned research activity in order to identify gaps which are required to be bridged for arriving at the best practice.
  • To make suggestions for the post qualification course on Management Accounting.
  • Conduct Joint Seminars / Conferences in the area of Management Accountancy / Master in Business Finance Certificate Course / Post Qualification Course on Management and Business Finance along with various universities, branches, regional councils, other committees, professional institutions and organizations, PSUs’ and other regulators across the country in order to promote the value added role of Management Accountants in practice and business/industry.
  • Identify and influence internal and external stakeholders, from the organisations of all sizes, on key issues related to Management Accountancy.
  • To organize campus placements for the qualified and successful members of the PQC through online portal.

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