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Important Announcement regarding Bank Branch Auditor's Panel for the year 2007-08
Important Announcement For Members
In pursuance of ICAI's forwarding Bank Branch Auditors’ Panel for the year 2007-08, to RBI on 4th January 2008, RBI sent allocation list to the banks in February 2008 and hosted the same on its website on 14th March 2008.
There are various processes followed by RBI before hosting panel on its website. All the members listed in ICAI panel donot necessarily get allocation of bank branches.
Subsequent to hosting of allocation list by RBI, the members who are affected adversely, have been directly approaching RBI instead of routing their grievance through ICAI, for which RBI has taken a strong exception.
As advised by RBI, the members are requested not to approach RBI directly to address their issues/grievances regarding allocation. Instead, members should refer their issues/grievances to ICAI by writting to Secretary, Professional Development Committee, ICAI.
Members may also refer to the announcement given on our website of ICAI on Clarification/ Guidance for Members and mail their issues to the following email ids;; with copy to

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