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Execution of Regulatory Activities related to Members and Students Services as defined under The Chartered Accountants Act 1949 and The Chartered Accountants Regulations 1988 and Guidelines issued by the Council, Executive Committee and Management Committee from time to time:

  • Regulatory Activities
    • Enrolment of members with or without certificate of practice, admission of fellows, removal and restoration of names of members and cancellation of certificate of practice.
    • Grant of permission to a chartered accountant in practice to engage in any business or occupation other than the profession of accountancy in accordance with, and subject to, the restrictions specified in this behalf by the Council.
    • Process Condonation cases of delay in supplying requisite information related to Students, Members and Firms.
    • Maintenance of the Register of Members, articled assistants and Register of audit assistants and all other statutory registers as prescribed under the Act and Regulations.
    • Refunding or transferring fees received under these Regulations for enrolment, issue of certificate of practice and allied matters.
    • Regn, completion and termination of articles including noting suspension/ cancellation/ supplementary training and permitting additional vacancies in accordance with Regulations.
    • Permitting articles to engage in other occupation as approved by the Council and/or the committees and granting reduction in the period of articles and/or audit service in accordance with these Regulations.
    • Grant of Firm Name Approvals - CA Firms, LLP CA Firms, MCS (Management Consultancy Firms) Practice in Corporation Form, Networking of CA Firms and Multi- Disciplinary Partnership Firm.
    • Publication of List of Members and List of Firms of the Institute as on the 1st day of April each year.
    • Publication of Gazette Notifications for removal/restoration of Membership through Government of India Press.
    • Implementation of MDP, MCS and Networking Guidelines as approved by the Council from time to time.
  • Administrative and Other Activates
    • Effective Administration, Coordination and Control functioning of Head Office and Regional offices and to lay down procedure for safe custody of files /records/data related Members, Firms and Students records.
    • Monitoring and Control functioning of Self Service Portal (SSP) in effective manner for achieving its objectives in all respects.
    • Create Awareness and Learning on Regulatory framework covering Members, Students and Firms related matters.
    • Develop MIS in all core areas of Members and Student Services.
    • Determine systems and procedures for betterment of services to Members, Students and Firms.
    • Re-visit all Forms and Formats required for Members, Students, Articles and Firms and suggest amendments to appropriate authorities.
    • Periodical review of vacancies under principal to train Articled Assistants and Industrial Trainees.
    • Evaluate and implement Effective Communication System and by Setting up of National Call Centre to handle calls, queries, grievances related to Students, Members and Firms.
    • Examine cases of grievance of Articles, Members and Firms.
    • Enhancement of Digi-Locker facility for promoting E-Governance keeping all documents in Digital Form.
    • Preparation and issue of scripts Certificates, Id Cards, Congratulatory Cards to Members.
    • Organising of Convocations for award of Membership Certificates to newly enrolled Members.
    • Issuance of Good Standing Certificates to Members.
    • Authentication and Attestation of Documents on requests.
  • Grievances Handling and E-Sahaayataa
    • Assessment of various type of Grievances received on different platforms of the Institute.
    • Taking steps for assessment/ required changes for Grievance Assessment Platforms along with Technological Innovations.
    • Taking Steps for speedy resolution of Grievances.
    • Ensure higher satisfaction level of Stake Holders.
  • Welfare Activities
    • Monitor Functioning of CABF, CASBF and SVAMF Sections.
    • Implementation of “We Care Scheme” for Senior Members annually as of 30th June of every financial year.

Any other function/area related to Members and Students Services, assigned by the competent authorities.

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