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The Board of Studies of the Institute in its earnest endeavor to leverage technology for the benefit of students is pleased to announce the availability of a twin DVD pack for the CPT Course consisting of:

1. CPT Course Video Lectures DVD
2. CPT Course e-Learning DVD

CPT Course Video Lectures DVD (Dual Layer - 8.5 GB) is a compilation of Webcast on “How to Prepare for CA Exams” and webcasts on how to qualify and excel in the respective four subjects of Common Proficiency Course. This DVD can be viewed on Dual Layer DVD Player; and Desktop Computer/ Laptop.

CPT Course e-Learning DVD ROM (Dual Layer - 8.5 GB) is a compilation of e-Lectures, Podcasts (MP3), Study Materials; PDF of PowerPoint Presentations and Self Assessment Quiz that have been organized Chapter Wise for the four subjects of CPT, as available at the time of creation of this DVD. This DVD has been designed to work on Multimedia Desktop Computer and Laptop.

CPT Course e-Learning on Mobile Phones and Tablets: An earnest endeavor has been made to harness emerging technologies on mobile phones and tablets (including HTML5) to present the CPT Course e-Learning DVD as a responsive site that may also work on recent Mobile Phones and Tablets (Android 4+), when copied on the Memory/ SD Card. Students need to open the index.html file using Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser on their mobile phone/ tablet. Students can also view the e-Lectures through Pen Drive attached to their tablet.

Considering evolving nature of mobile/ tablet technologies, HTML5 and e-Learning on mobile devices, the e-lectures, PDF of PowerPoint Presentations and Podcasts (MP3) may or may not work on specific devices considering different platforms (Android/ iOS, BB, Windows), versions thereto and essential differences in the mobile phones and tablets. Students need to take the Self Assessment Quiz on Desktop Computer/ Laptop considering screen size limitations on mobile phones and tablets.

The twin DVD set would be available for sale @ Rs.100/- per set.

Students are encouraged to make good use of these DVD’s to have a better understanding of the subjects and enhance their preparation for forthcoming Examination.

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