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Index of some useful articles taken from Periodicals received during September-October 2021 for the reference of Faculty/Students & Members of the Institute.

1. Accountancy

  • Ind AS/IGAAP- Interpretation and Practical Application by Dolphy D’Souza. BCAJ, Vol.53-a/6, September 2021, pp.60-61.

2. Audit

  • Anti-Fraud Strategy Framework for Corporate Frauds Prevention by Dr. K.Nagarajan. Chartered Secretary, Vol.51/09, September 2021, pp.116-120.

3. Economics

  • Financial Inclusion Index for India. RBI Bulletin, Vol.75/09, September 2021, pp.89-96.
  • India’s Macro-Economic & Financial Problems and some Macro-Level Solutions by Homeyar Jal Tavaria. BCAJ, Vol.53-a/06, September 2021, pp.34-37.
  • Why Human Development Should Precede Economic Growth in the States by Santosh Mehrotra and Jajati Keshari Parida. Economic & Political Weekly, Vol.56/38, September 18, 2021 pp.54-61.
  • Yes Bank Fiasco: a corporate governance failure by Rajat Deb. Decision, Vol.48/02, 2021, pp.181-190.

4. Investment

  • Social Stock Exchange in India- A Platform for Social Enterprise by Dr. V.R.Narasimhan and Aboli Govind Pitre. Chartered Secretary, Vol.51/09, September 2021, pp.36-40.

5. Management

  • Business strategy, intellectual capital, firm performance, and bankruptcy risk: evidence from Oman’s non-financial sector companies by Tamanna Dalwai and Mahdi Salehi. Asian Review of Accounting, Vol.29/03, 2021, pp.474-504.
  • Corporate CSR practices and corporate performance: managerial implications for sustainable development by Sarfaraz Javed and Uvesh Husain. Decision, Vol.48/02, 2021, pp.153-164.
  • Corporate Governance & Reforms in India: Building new Authorities & the Changing Needs of Financial Sector by Jithin George Jackson K. Chartered Secretary, Vol.51/09, September 2021, pp.111-115.

6. Taxation and Finance

  • Controversies on Liability of GST on Supply of Capital Goods by Shrikant M. Shaligram. Good & Services Tax Cases, Vol.87/4, September 28-October 04, 2021, pp. 19-24.
  • Recent Developments in GST by G.G Goyal and C.B. Thakar. BCAJ, Vol.53-a/6, September 2021, pp.83-88.

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