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Index of some useful articles taken from Periodicals received during October-November 2021 for the reference of Faculty/Students & Members of the Institute.

1. Accountancy

  • Accounting for Climate Change by Robert S. Kaplan and Karthik Ramanna. Harvard Business Review, Vol.99/06, November-December 2021, pp.120-131.
  • Management Accounting: A take on cryptoasset transactions, investment, and risk by Mark D. Mishler. Journal of Accountancy, Vol.232/03, September 2021, pp.33-35.

2. Audit

  • Joint Provision of Non-audit Services to Audit Clients: Empirical Evidences from India by Reshma Kumari Tiwari and Jasojit Debnath. Vikalpa, Vol.46/03, July-September 2021, pp.153-165.
  • 5 top-of-mind issues for auditors as focus on quality continues by Ken Tysiac. Journal of Accountancy, Vol.232/04, October 2021, pp.18-26.

3. Economics

  • Banking on the future by Deniz Guven. A Plus, Vol.17/07, 2021, pp.25-29.
  • Business segment diversification of private banks in India by Anjan Roy. Decision, Vol.48/03, September 2021, pp.295-308.
  • Intellectual Property Right-based Debt Financing to Startups: Need for a Changing Role of Indian Banks by Bibekananda Panda and Sara Joy. Vikalpa, Vol.46/03, July-September 2021, pp.143-152.
  • Project Economy has Arrived by Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez. Harvard Business Review, Vol.99/06, November-December 2021, pp.38-45.

4. Education

  • NEP 2020 and the Language-in-Education Policy in India: A Critical Assessment. Economic & Political Weekly, Vol.LVl/43, October 23, 2021, pp.45-52.

5. Investment

  • Importance of Due Diligence Investigations in the Indian Context: A Global Lesson from Failed Mergers and Acquisitions by Dr. L.S. Sridhar and P. Lakshmi Narayanan. Chartered Secretary, Vol.51/10, October 2021, pp.83-89.

6. Management

  • Changing Dynamics of Corporate Governance in India: Transformed Role of Company Secretary by Dr. Anil Kumar. Chartered Secretary, Vol.51/10, October 2021, pp.58-63.
  • How to Succeed Quickly in a New Role by Rob Cross, Greg Pryor and David Sylvester. Harvard Business Review, Vol.99/06, November-December 2021, pp.60-69.
  • Smart advice for better Governance: applying expert methods to high-stakes decision by Dusana Dokupilova and Vladimir Balaz. Decision, Vol.48/03, September 2021, pp.285-293.

7. Taxation and Finance

  • GST – Recent Judgments and Advance Rulings by Ca. Naresh Sheth & Ca. Jinesh Shah. The Chamber’s Journal, Vol.X/1, October 2021, pp.119-135.
  • Non - Availability of Input Tax Credit Refund on Input Services Under Goods & Services Tax by Shruti Khanna. Goods & Services Tax Cases, Vol.88/01, 2nd November – 8th November 2021, pp.5-8.

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