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Index of some useful articles taken from Periodicals received during June- July 2021 for the reference of Faculty/Students & Members of the Institute.

1. Accountancy

  • NOCLAR proposals aim to help CPAs find the right balance by Ken Tysiac. Journal of Accountancy, June 2021, pp.14-19.

2. Audit

  • Making audits more effective through data visualization by Nick Higginbotham and Luke Nash. Journal of Accountancy, April/May-2021, pp.13-19.
  • Reaching new standards by Gianfranco Bonadies. A Plus, Vol.17/3, 2021, pp.24-31.

3. Economics

  • Effect of exchange rate uncertainty on bilateral trade performance in SAARC countries: A gravity model analysis by Banna Banik and Chandan Kumar Roy. International Trade, Politics and Development, Vol.5/1, 2021, pp.32-50.
  • Eyes on the prize by John Loring, CPA Canada, May/June-2021, pp.30-37.
  • Social capital and firms choice of financing under credit constraints: Microeconomic evidence from Pakistan from Sana Ullah and Mohammad Tariq Majeed. Decision, Vol.48/3, 2021, pp.3-13.
  • Trade competiveness of India’s textile and apparel sector by T K Rout and Gordhan K Saini. Economic and Political Weekly, Vol.56/22, May, 29, 2021, pp.55-62.

4. Investment

  • SEBI and sustainability reporting in India- Embracing the future by Pradeep Ramakrishnan and Surabhi Gupta. Chartered Secretary, Vol.51/06, June 2021, pp.27-33.

5. Management

  • Contributions of entrepreneurial orientation in the use of agile methods in project management by Mesquita Blas Garcia and Cristina Dai Pra Martens. Innovation and Management Review, Vol.18/01, 2021, pp.17-33.
  • Innovation in the subsistence marketplace: An analysis considering multiple concepts and approaches by Vitor Koki da Costa Nogami and Andres Rodriguez Veloso. Innovation and Management Review, Vol.18/01, 2021, pp.2-16.
  • Moving from Human Resource Management to human asset management: A key to competitive advantage by Manish B. Raval and Ashish B. Gorvadiya. Chartered Secretary, Vol.51/06, June 2021, pp.100-102.
  • Predictors and outcome of customer satisfaction: Moderating effect of social trust by Sara Javed and Md. Salamun Rashidin. Decision,Vol.48/3, 2021, pp.27-48.

6. Taxation and Finance

  • American rescue plan act enacts many tax provisions by Alistair M. Nevius, J.D. Journal of Accountancy, April/May-2021, pp.20-22.
  • Revolutionizing the taxation experience by Doris Chik and Eugene Yeung. A Plus, Vol.17/3, 2021, pp.8-13.
  • Transfer pricing and advance pricing Agreements in India by Rajiv V Shah and Ravisankar G. Chartered Secretary, Vol.51/06, June 2021, pp.96-99.

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