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Index of some useful articles taken from Periodicals received during April-May 2021 for the reference of Faculty/Students & Members of the Institute.

1. Accountancy

  • Accounting for Covid-19 issues by Jill Halford. International Accountant, March-April 2021, pp.19-20.
  • Proximity to broad bond rating change and annual report readability by Wray Bradley and Li Sun. Asian Review of Accounting, Vol.29/2, 2021, pp.227-250.
  • Students : Exam preparation and technique. International Accountant, March-April 2021, pp.7-9.

2. Auditing

  • Effect of audit engagement partner professional experience on audit quality and audit fees : Early evidence from AP disclosure by Chenyong Liu and Chunhao Xu. Asian Review of Accounting, Vol.29/2, 2021, pp.128-149.

3. Economics

  • Assessment of perceived labor, market conditions in employees turnover intention model-mediation and moderation analyses by Mohd Abass Bhat and Shagufta Tariq khan. PSU Research Review,2021, pp.1-32.
  • COVID-19 and Supreme Court contractual disputes in India : A Law and economics perspective by Ram Singh and Utkarsh Leo. Economic and Political Weekly, Vol.56/16, 17th April 2021, pp.37-43.
  • Intellectual capital and asset quality in an emerging banking market by Nicholas Asare and Margaret Momo Laryea. Asian Journal of Accounting Research, Vol.6/1, 2021, pp.55-68.
  • Islamic Finance : Challenges to Islamic finance by Roszaini Haniffa. International Accountant, March-April 2021, pp.21-23.

4. Law

  • Intellectual property rights and competition Law : A converging reflection by Susmitha P Mallaya. Chartered Secretary, Vol.51/4, April 2021, pp.55-57.

5. Management

  • Reforming theory of planned behaviour to measure money management intention : A validation study among student debtors by Chinun Boonroungrut and Fei Huang. RAUSP Management Journal, Vol.56/01, 2021, pp.24-37.
  • Stakeholders expectations for CSR-related corporate governance disclosure: Evidence from a developing country by Yousuf Kamal. Asian Review of Accounting, Vol.29/2, 2021, pp.97-127.

6. Taxation and Finance

  • Effect of conservative financial reporting and tax aggressiveness on the market valuation of unrecognized tax benefits by Carlos E. Jimenez-Angueira and Emeka Nwaeze. Asian Review of Accounting, Vol.29/2, 2021, pp.150-172.

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