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Study Materials for Final (New) Course Group II

Students of Final (New) Group II may note that the Study Materials for the following subjects, relevant for May, 2020 examination, have been webhosted at the BoS Knowledge Portal on the Institute’s website –

Paper No. Paper Name Particulars
Paper 5 Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation Study Material webhosted
Paper 6A Risk Management Study Material webhosted
Paper 6B Financial Services and Capital Markets Part A of Study Material webhosted
Paper 6C International Taxation Study Material webhosted
Paper 7 Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation Module 3 webhosted [Chapters 15 to 23 on compliance and procedural law of direct taxes]
Module 4 webhosted [Chapters 1 to 8 on International Taxation]
Paper 8 Indirect Tax Laws Module 1 webhosted [Chapters 1 to 7 on GST]
Module 2 to be webhosted on 21.10.2019 [Chapters 8 to 13 on GST]

One more module of the Study Materials of Paper 7 and Paper 8, the Study Material of Part B of Paper 6B and the Study Material of Paper 6D Economic Laws would be webhosted at the BoS Knowledge Portal by the first week of November, 2019.

The study material kit of Final (New) Group II would be available at the CDS Portal by the end of November, 2019. In the meanwhile students are advised to study from the study materials/modules of study materials webhosted at the BoS Knowledge Portal.

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