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Committee on International Taxation
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
16th August, 2021

The Committee on International Taxation (CITAX) is one of the important non-standing Committees of ICAI. One of the important tasks undertaken by the Committee is to bring out new and revised e-learning courses for updating and enhancing the knowledge of members in the field of International Taxation. We have recently updated/revised/published following e-learning modules at ICAI Digital Learning Hub (DLH).

Details of the same are hereunder:

Sr. No. Details of E-learning courses Fee CPE hours Registration Link & Course Structure
1 An Overview of International Taxation (2021) NIL 2 CLICK HERE
2 An Overview of Transfer Pricing (2021) NIL 2 CLICK HERE
3 Transfer Pricing Documentation and Drafting (2021) NIL 2 CLICK HERE
4 Basics of Taxation of Non-Residents (2021) NIL 2 CLICK HERE
5 Deeming provisions in respect of Non-Residents - Overview of Section 9 of the Income-tax Act, 1961 NIL 2 CLICK HERE
6 Place of Effective Management (POEM) (2019) NIL 2 CLICK HERE
7 Foreign Tax Credit (2019) NIL 2 CLICK HERE
8 Interpretation of Tax Treaties including perspective on MLI (2019) NIL 2 CLICK HERE

For any clarification please write to us with the caption “E-learning courses”:

Committee on International Taxation of ICAI; 0120-3045923

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