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UDIN Directorate
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
1st January, 2021
Update UDINs in all Income Tax Forms

Members are aware that CBDT is validating UDIN while uploading of Tax Audit and other Income Tax Reports as per their Press release, else the forms will become null and void.

We have been given to understand that UDINs for certain IT Forms which have been uploaded on e-filing Portal by the Members during 27th April 2020 to 26th Nov., 2020 have not yet been updated resulting invalidation of these forms.

On the persuasion of ICAI, CBDT has given the extension for updating UDINs on all above stated forms and can be done latest by 15th February, 2021 for treating these forms as valid.

In view of the above, the members are requested to avail this last opportunity and update the UDINs on the e-filing Portal at the earliest but not later than 15th February, 2021 to avoid invalidation.

In addition to above, for the current upload of the IT Forms, members are requested to update the valid UDIN within 15 days of such uploading else the IT forms will be treated as Null and Void by CBDT.

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For any clarification, please write us at or call at 033-30840239. Please ignore, if already updated.

With best regards,
Convenor and Deputy Convenor, UDIN Directorate

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