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UDIN Directorate
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

  • To implement UDIN as mandatory in a phased manner as per Council Directions and Guidelines for every attest function undertaken by full-time Practicing CA
  • To implement & monitor the progress of UDIN and it’s day to day functioning on real time basis.
  • Prepare a vision document of UDIN.
  • To make UDIN as a tool for making ICAI as an effective regulator.
  • Right to seek the necessary data/certificate/report / information from members at large so as ICAI to work as effective Regulator through UDIN.
  • MOU/Tie-up/Coordination/Agreement with various stakeholders (Govt. & Non Govt.) for making UDIN mandatory on their part.
  • To support / help other Accounting Bodies- SAFA, CAPA and IFAC for implementing UDIN
  • Identify the vendor for the scalability of UDIN
  • To prepare Mobile App for better implementation of UDIN.
  • System and Security Audit of the portal from the reputed vendor.
  • To migrate on Blockchain technology for safety and security of UDIN data.
  • To conduct awareness programs in all the POUs throughout the country for UDIN.
  • To make UDIN as UDIN directorate.
  • Prepare a budget for UDIN.
  • Any other related matter as the Council may consider appropriate.

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