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  • To monitor effectiveness of Central Distribution System (CDS)
  • To monitor and find ways and means to reduce Turn Around Time (TAT) in the complete cycle from Registration to the Course till delivery of the Study Material.
  • To consider inclusion of more and more saleable material through CDS portal apart from publications.
  • To monitor performance of various vendors engaged by the Office related to the activity of the Directorate through tender process.
  • To monitor and control stock availability position and dispose off obsolete stock.
  • No hard copy of member publications be sent to Regional Offices & Branches for sale. Only specimen copy be sent to them for display.
  • Directorate to ensure that all five Regional Offices and 164 branches have all member publications in soft form in one of their PCs.
  • To do effective marketing of CDS portal amongst Members & Students

Note : The Council, at its 382nd meeting held on 25th-26th March, 2019 and continued on 15th-16th April, 2019 decided to convert `Publication & Central Distribution Monitoring Group’ into “Publication Directorate” and assigned the above functions to it.

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