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  • To frame the IT governance framework for the organization/committees to integrate business processes effectively and deliver value to its stakeholders.
  • To act as a central driver for digital transformation and enable scaling digital technologies across the ICAI with data analytics and dashboarding.
  • To address the Business Management Plan, transformation Strategy, Business Process Gaps and focus on Business process Re-Engineering through Technology.
  • To Develop Single Sign-on ecosystem with a secure, trustworthy platform for ICAI Members and students through a Self-Service platform using effective and sustainable technology architectures.
  • To frame, assess (review and maintain) the IT governance framework for Information and Communications Technology of ICAI.
  • To implement, validate and optimize use of technology in providing IT infrastructure and have a process of IT Audit at the organisation level.
  • To formulate & Guide on the Data Security Policy for ICAI with holistic methods that are aligned with the strategies to mitigate risks specific to the organization.
  • To identify, develop, monitor, and maintain technology driven social media platform/s.
  • To Formulate, update, implement and review a centralized IT Policy of Governance for full stack of Information technology (hardware and software/technology) and communication Infrastructures.
  • To facilitate various modes of learning and govern the Online Digital Learning Hub with Guidelines, Policy & Procedure.
  • To Define & Monitor Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for ICAI Digital Learning Content
  • To enable and govern the digital payment Infrastructure for various services of ICAI.
  • To administer the Centralized Online Video Repository of ICAI and technology facilitation for Online Meetings, Webcast, Webinar, and policy framework.
  • Development and support for Redesigning & Monitoring of ICAI Website (ICAI.ORG), Webpages & Mobile App.
  • To ensure effective and optimized use of resources, technology, people and processes with a Centralized Document Management and Digitalization of ICAI Records and Paperless Initiatives of ICAI.
  • To Provide IT technology guidance and IT support for technology implementation and evaluation for ICAI Committees/Departments.
  • ICAI Activity Process Chart for Digital Transformation.
  • Any other Item with Permission of Chair.

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