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  • To strive for capacity building of members in the rapidly changing scenario in order to technically equip the members of the Institute to face the challenges and derive advantages to broaden the scope of their expertise in the Economic, Commercial Laws and to contribute towards the economic and commercial development of India.
  • To study the various Economic, Commercial Laws, Rules/Regulations/Notifications, economic and commercial developments so as to make representations/suggestions arising out of the studies and undertake such activities to broaden the scope of expertise of the members in the economic and commercial laws and to enable them to render consultancy and services to stake holders in economic and commercial field.
  • To develop and publish Technical Guidance, Background Materials/Reports, Guides, Commentaries, References, Publications etc. on Economic, Commercial Laws and Economic Advisory
  • To serve the multifunctional task of Analysis, Knowledge dissemination, inputs to policy formulation to Government, Regulators and other stakeholders, references in areas of professional interest to ICAI Membership and bolster the element of potential professional opportunities.
  • To develop a base of expertise amongst the members of the Institute on Economic, Commercial Laws and to provide economic and commercial advisory to stake holders through Seminars, training programs and such other methods as may be considered effective.
  • To explore avenues and to enable and equip the members to provide advisory on all economic and commercial Laws and development and support services to business and other organisations.
  • To conceive, structure and implement study/certificate courses on the subjects covered by the terms of reference.
  • To conduct study into economic affairs of the Country/States and suggest various measures for boosting Indian/State Economy.
  • To conduct study for successful implementation of various initiatives of the Government of India/ State Government.
  • To enable the members to be an integral part of Government’s initiatives on Start up ventures and Make In India movement so as to be the integral part of nation’s economic and commercial affairs.
  • To suggest measures for prudent financial management and effective utilization of resources.
  • To suggest various measures for accelerating globalization of Indian Economy.
  • To suggest/ research and provide suggestions to Government Committees.
  • To enter into joint study with National and International bodies/agencies/Ministry in promoting economic development of India.
  • To organize workshop/ awareness programs under the aegis of Committee with the Government departments only.
  • To start other initiative for achieving above stated objective of Committee or to deal with such other matters as the Council or the President may consider appropriate.

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