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Election Cell
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
23rd November, 2021

Sub: Region-wise List of Members who have exercised option under Rule 5 of the Chartered Accountants (Election to the Council) Rules, 2006 – i.e. Change of Polling Booth within the Region.

In pursuance to Rule 5 of the Chartered Accountants (Election to the Council) Rules, 2006, members were given option to vote from a particular polling booth within their Region. The list of members who have been permitted to vote at a polling booth of their choice within their own Regional Constituency is published for general information of the candidates for election to the Council and Regional Councils and such voters. The region-wise list of such members along with the details of new Polling Booth is available on the website of the Institute under “ELECTION – 2021”. The list can also be viewed and downloaded from the following links:-

1. Western Region – Option within Region
2. Southern Region – Option within Region
3. Eastern Region – Option within Region
4. Central Region – Option within Region
5. Northern Region – Option within Region

Such voters can view their Polling Booth details by visiting the link (know you polling booth)

CA. (Dr.) Jai Kumar Batra
Returning Officer and Acting Secretary

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