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No.M-626/07/2018 27th March, 2018

Sub: Group for Development/Procurement of System/Software for E-voting in Institute’s Elections

Madam/Dear Sir,

The Council at its 374th meeting held from 21st to 24th March, 2018 while deliberating the item on introduction of E-voting in the elections to the Council and Regional Councils to be held in December, 2018 decided that E-voting should be introduced, in the first instance, for election to the Managing Committees of the Branches of Regional Councils to be held in February, 2019. The Council for this purpose decided to constitute a group consisting of the following members:

  • CA. Manu Agrawal (Convenor)
  • CA. Atul Kumar Gupta
  • CA. Tarun J. Ghia
  • CA. Ranjeet Kumar Agarwal
  • CA. M.P. Vijay Kumar
  • CA. Shyam Lal Agarwal
  • CA. Vijay Kumar Gupta
  • Shri Chandra Wadhwa

Shri Anupam Kaushik, Senior IT Consultant will be Secretary to the Group and will be assisted by Shri D.D. Satyawali, Deputy Secretary, Council Affairs.

The Group has been requested to initiate following steps:

  • Development/procurement of System/Software through a Government Body or Public Sector Undertaking;
  • Testing the software so developed for conducting the elections to the Managing Committees of Branches of Regional Councils to be held in February, 2019 and also for Regional Councils and Council in the next phase, as to be decided by the Council;
  • Review, recommend and formulation of Rules enabling voting from any polling booth in a city/branch; and
  • Obtaining the approval of Central Government for conducting elections using e-voting technology, as per revised Rules, to the Council & Regional Councils.

The Group may submit its Report within one month.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

( V. Sagar )

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