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Members & Students Services (Grievances Handling and e-Sahaayataa) Directorate
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
30th September, 2023

Important Announcement

Extension of last date for payment of Membership /COP fee for the year 2023-24 to 31st October, 2023.

The Council of ICAI has decided to extend the last date for payment of Membership/ COP fee for the year 2023-24 from 30th September, 2023 to 31st October, 2023 on account of hardship faced by the Members in submission of "Know Your Member" (KYM) Form and payment of Annual Membership/COP fee due to technical issues in SSP.

Members, who have not paid their fee, are requested to submit KYM form and pay the annual Membership/COP fee.

Dinesh Kr. Mishra
Secretary, M&SS Directorate

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