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This is the Exposure Draft of General Purpose Financial Reporting XBRL Taxonomy for Commercial and Industrial Companies which is available in the XBRL 2.1 format of xml files. This is a usable version.
Viewing Taxonomy Files
These taxonomy files can be viewed by loading it onto any XBRL 2.1 compliant software that provides the functionality of reading taxonomies. The taxonomy file set is available as a zipped file. Please download the zipped file at a convenient location of your computer and unzip and extract the files.
For viewing the taxonomy, one needs to excise the option of “Open Taxonomy” (The words may differ from one software to another). The software then gives an option to browse the taxonomy file. Browse to the path on your desktop and select the file with the “.xsd” extension “in-gaap-ci-2008-09-15.xsd” (the .xsd file is the Schema file which is the entry point for viewing the taxonomy).
Once this is done, the software will automatically load the entire taxonomy into it, available for you to view the elements, hierarchy and their inter-relationships.
Download Taxonomy

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