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DISA 3.0 (Diploma in Information Systems Audit 3.0)

Following are the steps for successful completion of ISA Course:

  • 1. Completion of ISA E-Learning and ISA E-Learning Assessment Test: Before starting the Professional Training classes member has to complete the ISA Course 3.0 E-Learning. Please note that after completing the E-Learning of 20 hours it is mandatory to undergo ISA E- learning Assessment Test which is automatically enabled after completion of all the chapters of E-learning. After completing the E-Learning test member is eligible to apply for Professional Training classes organized in virtual as well as physical mode. Procedure to enroll in ISA Course is available at

  • 2. Professional Training classes for 18 days in case of virtual mode and 12 Day in Physical Mode: As you may be aware, ISA Post Qualification Course consist of Professional Training (PT) of 72 hours which is generally organized in virtual as well as physical mode. Please note that there will be 18 classes in virtual mode and 12 classes in physical mode and the name of the modules which are to be covered are as under:

    1 Information Systems Audit Process
    2 Governance and Management of Enterprise Information Technology, Risk Management, Compliance & BCM Section
    3 System Development, Acquisition, Implementation and Maintenance Application System Audit
    4 Information Systems Operations and Management
    5 Protection of Information Assets
    6 Emerging Technologies
  • 3. Other requirements of the ISA Professional training classes:

    • Three Module Tests of 20 Marks each (30 minutes duration) will be organized online through test for the morning virtual batches will be conducted on the 06th, 12th & 18th day from 02:00 – 10:00 PM and the test for evening batches will be conducted on the 07th, 13th & 19th day from 08:00 AM – 04:00 PM. The test will be available in your login under the Professional Training tab. For Physical batches, Module tests will be on 4th, 8th and 12th day of classes after the class through

      (Note: Member who misses the Module test will not be allowed to take the test again; except owing to exceptional circumstances and that too only with approval of the Secretary, Digital Accounting & Assurance Board)

    • A project work is also allocated to all the participants in a group of three and this project will also be of 20 marks (Project Work 10 Marks and VIVA of 10 Marks).

    • 90% attendance is mandatory for completing the Professional Training classes i.e. out of 18 classes (for virtual batches) a member has to attend at least 17 classes to complete the Professional Training and out of 12 classes (for physical batches) a member has to attend at least 11 classes to complete the Professional Training.

    • Fees per member for virtual batches is Rs 10,000/- and Rs 20,000/- for physical batches.

  • 4. ISA Eligibility Test: After completing the ISA Professional Training with minimum marks (Total 60% i.e. 48 out of 80) in Module Tests and Project Work + VIVA and 90% attendance in ISA PT classes, you have to register online for the ISA Eligibility Test that is generally organized on Second Saturday of May/ November.

    Weightage for qualifying ISA ET:

      Weightage Max. Marks
    Class Tests + Project Work 48 80
    Eligibility criteria to appear on ISA ET is to get 60% in aggregate i.e. 48 Marks  
    Eligibility Test 72 120
    Passing criteria is 60% in aggregate i.e. 72 Marks  

    Candidates enrolling for ISA ET for the first attempt are not required to pay any fees whereas Rs. 500/- will be charged for all the subsequent attempts.

  • 5. CPE Hours: After the successful completion of the ISA Professional Training with 90% percent attendance the members are awarded with 25 CPE hours. The remaining 5 CPE hours are awarded after the successful clearance of ISA AT Exam.

  • 6. ISA Assessment Test (AT): After completing ISA ET with minimum marks, you have to register online for the ISA Assessment that is conducted by the Examination Department of the Institute. It is important to note that members have to fill the ISA AT Form issued/hosted on, by the Examination Department.

    Total Marks: 200, passing criteria is 60% marks flat.

    After passing the ISA AT, DISA Certificates are dispatched by the exam department. In Case of any difficulty, exam department should be contacted by e-mail at isa_examhelpline[at]icai[dot]in. Helpline Desk telephone Nos.0120-3054851/52/53/54/35/36.

    Please do let us know if you require further assistance/ support/ clarifications by e-mail to isa[at]icai[dot]in or call at 01203045961

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