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Corporate Laws & Corporate Governance Committee
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
June 03, 2022
Regarding Registration of Professional Staff Member as Business User in V3 MCA 21.

As we all are aware that the Ministry of Corporate Affairs has migrated to a new version – Version 3 of the MCA portal. Under this new version, all users are required to be registered as Business Users to be able to submit forms on MCA Portal (except for RUN LLP and Fillip forms which can be submitted by Registered Users).

In this regard, to smoothen the process and to make it easier for the professionals to file multiple forms by staff members of the professionals, the MCA has recognised the concept of registration of Professional Staff Members under the Professional’s login.

Accordingly, it may be noted that the Professional Staff Members may also get themselves registered under ‘Business User’ category as ‘Professional Staff Member’ User Role which will be linked against the Professional Member’s login which is already registered on MCA portal as a ‘Business User’.

Pursuant to this, Professional Staff Members will be able to file various forms as Business User and the professionals (member of ICSI/ICAI/ICWAI and registered on MCA portal as ‘Business User’ under ‘Professional’ User Role) will be able to see the filings made by the Professional Staff Member under his login.

It is to be noted that a Professional Staff Member refers to any person who is with or on behalf of a Professional of ICSI/ICAI/ICWAI as a staff. Such members include: -

  • Trainees of the professional firms
  • Non-professional members of professional firms etc.

The introduction of the aforementioned concept is to assist the users in smooth and transparent filing.

Therefore, we sincerely request all the Members of the Institute involved in MCA filing to get their “Professional Staff Members” registered as Business Users.

The members are also requested to refer the FAQs issued by MCA for registration and login process for Professional Staff Members. Step by Step process for registering as Professional Staff Member has been explained in the FAQs, the same may be followed.

The FAQs for the same may be referred at the link given below:

With Kind Regards,

Chairperson and Vice- Chairperson
Corporate Laws & Corporate Governance Committee
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

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