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The Council of the Institute has decided to implement a minimum of 5 hours (1 day) participation, in a year, w.e.f. 1st July, 2016 on recommendatory basis in various Institute’s programmes organized by Board of Studies, Regional Councils and Branches during each year of Practical Training (Articleship period). This will be in addition to Orientation / GMCS / ITT courses of the Board of Studies (BoS).

To fulfill the requirement the students are advised to participate / attend in National Conventions/Conferences/Conclaves/Regional/Sub-Regional Conferences and other seminars, Study Circle Meetings, Elocution Contest/ Quiz Contest etc. or any other programme as may be approved by BoS. Principals are requested to facilitate at least the minimum interactive hours during each year.

The students shall be required to submit a self-declaration* regarding their participation/attendance after completion of each year from the date of commencement of their Practical Training, within three months, to the respective DCOs under which they are registered either by email or registered mail.

Director, Board of Studies

*Self-Declaration by CA Students for participation in Institute Programmes

I ______________ (Name of the Student), registered at __________(Specify the DCO) with the registration no. _____________ is pursuing __________ (mention the level of the course-IPCC/Final) and undergoing the ___ year of Practical Training (Articleship).

I wish to inform that I have participated in the ___________________(Specify the Student’s Programme attended) organized by ____________ Regional Council / Branch on ________ (date) at __________(Place) for _______hours.

(Name and Signature of the Student)

Last updated on 23rd August, 2016

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