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Members & Students Services Directorate
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
29th August, 2022

ICAI requests its Members to remit Annual Membership/Certificate of Practice fees for the year 2022-2023, which became due for payment on 1st April, 2022 and needs to be paid on or before 30th September, 2022. Please pay the fee immediately, in terms of GST Liability as Tax Invoice has been already generated. The applicable amount of Annual Membership/Certificate of Practice Fee including GST is given below.

Members may also pay total fees in advance for Membership/COP in exact amount for 10 years (1+9 years) along with GST. In such case, any upward revision in amount of fee in future, their Membership/COP will not be removed/cancelled from the Register of Members/COP on account of fee revision. [ It may be noted that an ACA who has paid advance membership fee for a period not exceeding 10 years and at a later stage opts for FCA status then the member is required to pay difference fee (the difference of fee in conversion from ACA to FCA and Fellow Member Admission Fee) for the remaining period.]

Annual Membership Fees Structure for the year 2022-2023

Srl No Catagories Associate Fellow
1 Members Holding COP
(includes Membership fees and COP fees)
Rs. 5310 Rs. 8260
2 Members not Holding COP    
2(i) Age below 60 years as on 01.04.2022 Rs. 1770 Rs. 3540
2(ii) Age above 60 years as on 01.04.2022 Rs. 1298 Rs. 2714

ICAI is promoting “I GO GREEN with ICAI” scheme under which Member opting e-journal will be given a discount of Rs. 590/- (including GST) on total amount of Membership Fees.

Air Mail charges for CA Journal (in case of members abroad) Rs. 2478/- including GST (Optional - Shall not be applicable if member opts for e-journal)

We appeal to all our members to contribute generously to Chartered Accountants Benevolent fund (CABF)

Chartered Accountants Benevolent Fund (Optional)
Life Membership Rs. 10000/- (If not a Life Member)
Yearly Subscription Rs. 1000/-
Voluntary Contribution A respectable amount
S Vaidyanath Aiyar Memorial Fund (Optional)
Life Membership Rs. 1000/- (If not a Life Member)
Yearly Subscription Rs. 50/-
Voluntary Contribution A respectable amount

Payment of fee shall be made online through Self-Service Portal (SSP) at the link

Procedure for Payment of Annual Membership/COP Fees of Partner by the Firm

The Partner has to give consent for payment of fees by the Firm through his login on SSP. Click "Pay Now/Give consent" >> Select Yes (see screenshot) >> Select Firm >> select Journal Type >> Check details >> select "I agree" >> Submit.

After that HI (Head Incharge) of the Firm will login to his account on SSP >> will click "Firm Function" >> will click "ICAI Bulk Renewal Form for HI" >> will click on "Bulk Renewal Form" >> will select FRN >> select check box "Make payment for Partners" >> Click "Proceed" >> Details of the Partners who have provided their consent will appear >> Proceed and make payment.

User Manual for annual Membership and COP payment is available at the link

Extend your helping hands: Contribute Generously to CABF

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