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Important Announcement
1st October, 2019

Introduction of OMR answer sheets in respect of the Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) in Paper 6 of Final (New) Examination ( Elective paper), w.e.f November 2019 examination

In Paper 6 (Elective paper held on open book methodology) of Final (New Syllabus) examination, question paper comprises MCQs and questions which require descriptive answers.

Candidates had to answer the MCQs and the other questions which required descriptive answers, in this paper, in the descriptive answer book only, upto May 2019 examinations.

However, it has now been decided that with effect from November 2019 examination, candidates will be required to answer the MCQs of Paper 6 of Final (New) exam, on OMR answer sheets. Candidates will be required to darken the circle of their choice, against the respective question number in the OMR answer sheet.

Questions other than MCQs, shall continue to be answered in the traditional descriptive answer books, as before.

Candidates are advised to take note of the above and act accordingly.

Further, candidates who are to appear in the said paper are advised as follows:

  • Go to the exam centre, on the day of the exam, equipped with HB pencil and eraser (in addition to pens), for the purpose of darkening the circles in the OMR answer sheets.

  • Go through the instructions to the candidates, with specific reference to answering the MCQs on the OMR answer sheet, enclosed along with the admit cards that will be hosted on the website

  • Answers to MCQs in the said paper are to be written only on the OMR answer sheet.

  • Answers to MCQs written on the descriptive answer book will not be taken cognizance of and will not be evaluated.

  • Submit both the OMR answer sheet and the descriptive answer book to the invigilators in their exam halls, without fail, before leaving the exam hall.

  • For this paper, candidates are allowed to take away the question paper, including MCQs alongwith them on conclusion of the exam.

Candidates are also requested to visit the students > Board of Studies announcements > Important announcements section of the Institute’s website and go through the announcement dated 17th September 2019 titled “Final (New) Exam for November 2019 onwards” hosted therein by the Director Board of Studies, in respect of paper 6 of Final (New) Exam.

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