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Ind AS Technical Facilitation Group (‘the Group’) has been formed to consider the issues raised by the members of the Institute, preparers of financial statements and other stakeholders with regard to applicability/implementation of Ind ASs. The Group issues clarification bulletins addressing these issues from time to time.

With a view to making the process of issuing the clarifications more participative and effective, it has been decided to invite the stakeholders to make suggestions as to possible responses on the various queries received by the Group.

Members of the Institute as well as other stakeholders are invited to send their suggested responses (or any other comments) on the queries. These suggestions will be considered by the Group at its meeting. After due discussions, clarifications will be issued wherever considered appropriate.

The suggested responses should be supported by appropriate reasoning and reference to specific paragraph number(s) of the relevant Standard(s) or other basis for the suggested response.

The suggested responses or any other comments should be submitted through e-mail at

Queries on which the Group invites suggestions for deliberations can be accessed on the below mentioned links:

Last updated on 10th January, 2020

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