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Board of Studies (Academic)
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
Activities of Board of Studies (Academic)

Development of quality Study Material of different subjects, continuous revision and updation of the same, preparation of Revision Test Papers (RTPs) and Mock Test Papers (MTPs), Suggested Answers, questions for practice, development of case studies are the core areas of academic work of Board of Studies (Academic).

Student friendly Study Material - Development of Study material involves presentation of concepts and provisions in a student-friendly manner with the use of learning aids like diagrams, tabular presentations, flow charts, etc. Illustrations are given after each concept to explain the application of concepts and provisions. Learning Outcomes are given at the first page of each chapter of the Study Material which describe what a student would be able to understand, appreciate, apply and/or interpret after reading the chapter and questions for practice are given at the end of each chapter. Study Materials are regularly updated to incorporate changes in provisions of law, accounting standards and standards on auditing, and other developments in the respective subjects.

RTPs/ Suggested Answers - In addition to the Study Material, the BoS comes out with other inputs like Revision Test Papers (RTPs) to assist the students in revision for examination. The RTPs also contain the latest updates which are relevant for the students from the examination point of view. The BoS also brings out the Suggested Answers to questions set at CA examination to further assist the students in their learning process for their forth coming examinations.

Development of Case Studies/Case Scenarios/MCQs: The assessment pattern is case study based in the six elective papers at the Final level, namely, Global Financial Reporting Standards, Risk Management, Financial Services and Capital Markets, International Taxation, Economic Laws and Multi-disciplinary case study. Accordingly, quality case studies are being developed and hosted at the BoS Knowledge Portal which assess the higher order skills of analysis, evaluation and synthesis of students at the Final level. Quality MCQs (independent and scenario-based) are developed in select core subjects of Intermediate and Final Course, where assessment is partially objective, and webhosted at the BOS Knowledge Portal as well as included in RTPs and MTPs.

Developing Subject Specific Capsules: Subject Specific Capsules are designed for each issue of Students’ Journal for all the levels to assist the students in their revision process.

Conduct of Mock Tests : Mock Tests are conducted for students prior to the May and November examinations. Earlier, it was being conducted physically by the Regional Councils and Branches. But due to the lockdown, it was conducted online for July, 2020 examinations by uploading the Mock Test Papers in the BoS Knowledge Portal on the Institute website as per the schedule. The Question Paper was uploaded on the specified day and the students were asked to attempt the paper at their respective locations within the stipulated time. After 48 hours, the Suggested Answers were uploaded so that the students can check their answers and calculate their marks. This procedure was followed for all the Mock Test Papers Series-I of Foundation, Intermediate New, Intermediate Old, Final New and Final Old Courses.

Special Counselling Sessions: These sessions are delivered in each subject after webhosting of mock test papers to guide the students in their preparation for examination.

Live Virtual Classes (LVC) The BoS (Academic) has been conducting Live Virtual Classes for the benefit of Intermediate and Final levels of ICAI. These classes have the following features:

Salient features

  • Streamlined live using internet technology.
  • Delivered on computers and mobiles.
  • Facility to view live or recorded lectures.
  • Convenient timings without disturbing the Practical Training.
  • Coverage of the entire syllabus.
  • Delivered by expert faculty with rich experience.
  • Interactive in nature –with facility to raise questions
  • Examination focused approach.

Fees*: The following is the fee structure:

Course Students enrolling for LVC at the time of Registration to the Course Students enrolling for LVC after Registration to the Course
  Single Group Both Groups Single Group Both Groups
Intermediate 2,250 4,000 3,750 6,250
Final 2,500 4,750 4,500 7,500

*Being conducted free of cost during the covid-19 pandemic period (July – October 2020).


Level Session I Session II
Final 7 am – 9.30 am 6 pm – 8.30 pm
Intermediate 7 am – 9.30 am 6 pm – 8.30 pm

Live Revision Classes (LRC)

The BoS (Academic) has been conducting Live Revision Classes for the Intermediate and Final students of ICAI since 2019 with the following features:

  • Whole day intensive live classes.
  • Cover all important topics in 2-5 days per subject.
  • Target specific examination.
  • Expert faculty with rich experience.
  • Interactive classes with facility to raise questions.
  • Delivered on laptops, computers and mobiles.

Fees*: The following is the fee structure:

Level Single Group(Rs) Both Groups (Rs)
Intermediate 500 800
Final 1000 1600

*Being conducted free of cost during the covid-19 pandemic period (April – October 2020).

The first batch targeting November 2019 examination was held in September – October 2019.

Free Live Revision Classes targeting July 2020 examinations were conducted during April- May 2020 for Intermediate and Final levels.


  • Provision of e-Books with embedded video lectures, summary capsules and self-assessment MCQs
  • Recording, editing and publishing of video lectures as per the changes in syllabus, amendments in Finance Act and other laws

Practical Training Assessment : The students are being assessed with an MCQ-based test after completion of first and second year of practical training in order to create seriousness amongst students. This is an optional test and its average grade of both the levels is included in the last marksheet of the student.

Oral Coaching Classes: Board of Studies grants Accreditation to Regional Councils, Branches and Institutions for conducting the oral coaching classes for Foundation, Intermediate and Final Courses.

Last updated on 17th June, 2020

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