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Recent Opinions of The Expert Advisory Committee

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Query No. 1 Accounting treatment of exchange variation arising on loan taken by foreign operations of the company held through a wholly owned foreign subsidiary company for the purposes of consolidated financial statements as per AS 11.
Query No. 2 Accounting treatment of unutilised spare parts to be used on renovation and modernisation (R&M) of Power Plant.
Query No. 3 Accounting treatment of machinery/capital spares on replacement of worn out parts.
Query No. 4 Recognition of deferred tax asset/liability in respect of depreciation on Held-To-Maturity (HTM) category investments as per Accounting Standard 22, ‘Accounting for Taxes on Income’.
Query No. 5 Adjustment of the effect of first recognition of group gratuity liability against opening balance of reserves and surplus as an appropriation in the current financial year.
Query No. 6 Capitalisation of cost incurred towards replacement of economizer coil in a boiler of a thermal power plant.
Query No. 7 Depreciation for separate unit of refinery on the basis of an estimate of its own useful life.
Query No. 8 Forfeiture of bank guarantees of contractors
Query No. 9 Accounting treatment of exchange variation arising in respect of foreign operations of the company held through a wholly owned foreign subsidiary company as per Accounting Standard (AS) 11, The Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates.
Query No. 10 Accounting treatment of release of funds by Project Implementation Trust Fund.
Query No. 11 Discounting of deferred debts (retention money).
Query No. 12 (i) Accounting treatment of base stock; and
(ii) Valuation of inventory booked by the customers.
Query No. 13 Accounting treatment of expenditure relating to cost of utility diversions, environmental protection, road diversions/restoration/signages, renovation work of drainage system, rehabilitation and resettlement etc. which are compulsorily required to be incurred for construction of Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) project.
Query No. 14 Accounting treatment of temporary income in relation to construction contract.
Query No. 15 Charging of pro rata depreciation.
Query No. 16 Making provision for non-approved cost.
Query No. 17 Amortisation of expenses incurred on various business requirements at the time of formation.
Query No. 18 Provision for debtors transferred to Franchisee.
Query No. 19 Amortisation of goodwill in respect of subsidiaries and jointly controlled entities recognised as an asset in consolidated financial statements.
Query No. 20 Accounting treatment to recognise interest earned on advance fee as its income is correct as per the provisions of Ind AS 18.
Query No. 21 Disclosure of impairment loss on long-term investments as exceptional item.
Query No. 22 Provisioning for expected credit loss on the amount due in the course of business from Government organisations.
Query No. 23 Provision for un-encashable portion of Half Pay Leave (HPL) as per AS 15 / Ind AS 19.
Query No. 24 Treatment of disputed amount (Principal and Interest) in respect of cases pending before various regulatory authorities.
Query No. 25 Treatment of ‘prepayment penalty’ incurred for foreclosure of existing loan and availing new loan/borrowings.
Query No. 26 Accounting treatment of free land provided by Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) for setting up of a CNG station at BMTC depots.
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