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To Our Readers
Volume 51, No 12, June, 2003
Accounting treatment of income and expenditure incurred during development of ore body of the existing mine
Understanding And Implementing Accounting Standard (AS) 22 Accounting For Taxes On Income
View of Some Eminent Personalities on Current Developments in Insurance Sector
Insurance - A Booming Professional Opportunity
New Accounting Framework in Insurance Industry
Preserving Capital & Maximising Shareholder Return in a Life Insurance Company
Internet, XBRL, and Online Business Reporting Challenges and Opportunities
Sick Companies A Changed View
Accountant's Browser
Invitation for Expression of Interest
Invitation for Articles for MAR
The Stock Exchange, Mumbai -Circular
Campus Interviews : August - September 2003
Extract of RBI Circulars
Code of Ethics - An Overview
International Workshop on International Accounting Standards and SAFA Seminar on "Harmonization of Accounting Standards In the SAFA Region
Election 2003 - Option for Polling Booths in Delhi / New Delhi Mumbai and Kolkata
The Committee for Members in Industry of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India Announces a One Day Conference on Financial And Business Planning For Shipping And Steel Services at Vishakhapatnam
Non-Residential All India Seminar On Professional Opportunities, Saturday 26th July 2003, At Hotel Center Point, Nagpur
Role of Chartered Accountants in Disaster Management
"Compendium of RBI Master Circulars" (Volume I&II)

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