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11 Name The Chartered Accountants Benevolent Fund – CABF
22 Office The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, New Delhi
33 Objects To provide financial assistance for maintenance, education, any other purpose to necessitate persons such as;

Member of the Institute, wife & children’s of the Member, Widow and children’s of deceased members, relatives or others or dependents of Member.
44 Membership Members of the Institute at will.
55 Members Type Life Member, Ordinary Member
66 Membership Fee Rs. 10000/- for life member & Rs. 1000/- P.A. for ordinary member. Due on 01st April every year.
77 Contribution Any amount more than Rs. 20/- and above.
88 Managing Committee Minimum 5 and maximum 7 Members
99 Managing Committee Members The President & Vice-President as ex-officio, Chairman and Vice-Chairman, others selected from members at AGM, co-opted member till next AGM.
Last updated on 28th September, 2020

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