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July Cover page
To Our Readers
Volume 54, No 13, July, 2005
From The President
International Conference on Accountancy Profession
Letters To The Editor
ICAI has been our valued partner: P. Chidambaram
The Accountancy Profession: A Global Perspective
Time for Opportunities
Financial Reporting by Governments - The Global Issue and its Response
The 21st Century Chartered Accountant
Unleashing The Tiger Within..
Paradigm Shifts in the Profession
Making the Indian CA Profession a Global Power - Not just a Global Work Force
Accounting Standards and The Globalisation of Indian Businesses
International Accounting: The Need of The Hour
Developments in Corporate Governance and Disclosure Regime in Singapore
Opportunities and Opening-up of China's Accounting Market
XBRL - A Global Financial Reporting Standard
Hedge Accounting Under AS 11
Creation and Utilisation of A Contingency Reserve
Brand Name and Small-Scale Units
Analysis of a Recent Judgement of ITAT on Non-Resident Taxation
Legal Decisions
Living Audi Alteram Partem
Irani Committee Report - An Analysis of Corporate Law Reform In India: Are We Keeping Pace With The World ?
Keyman Insurance
Customers Relationship Management - A New Mantra In Indian Banking
SOX Section 404 - US Experience In Corporate Governance
Does The Market Understand Intangibles ?
People Power
Chartered Accountancy Profession: What The Leading Lights Said in 2004-2005
Words of Wisdom from Past Presidents of ICAI
Exposure Draft : Auditing and Assurance Standard (AAS) 3 (Revised)
CAATs for Audit Administration and Reporting
Professional Opportunities - ISA*
What the employers are looking for from you ?
For Your Information
Readers' Quiz
News Scan
Health - Pillow Talk

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