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May Cover Page
To Our Readers
Volume 53, No 11, May, 2005
From The President
Letters To The Editor
Dr. Asim Kr Dasgupta hails Guidance Note on Accounting for State-level VAT
Corporate Governance – International & Indian Practices
Independent Directors: How Independent Are They
Sarbanes Oxley Act, 2002 – An Indian Perspective
Corporate Governance At Its Best!
Financial Crimes and IS Audit
New Approaches To Fraud Deterrence
Corporate Governance—Recent Changes in Clause 49
Corporates—Size Matters
Corporate Governance:Beyond Profit Maximisation
Audit of Forex Transactions
Audit Risk: Its Relevance, Assessment & Minimization
Corporate Governance and Directors Remuneration
Accounting Outsourcers Have Your Number
Deferred tax effect of adjusting impairment loss directly against revenue reserves pursuant to transitional provisions under AS 28.
Simplified Exit Scheme For Defunct Companies
Dishonour of Cheque— Presentations vis-à-vis Cause of Action
Legal Decisions
Joint Venture - Concept & Tax Implications
Uunderstanding PAN
NPA Management
Changing Horizon of Insurance Sector
Readers’ Queries
Emerging Professional Opportunities for Chartered Accountants
Where the CAs in Service are Heading
Consulting Assignments
Enterprise Risk Management— Use of Software Tool
Accounting for Forward Exchange Contracts under Accounting Standard (AS) 11 (revised 2003), The Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates
Understanding AAS 34 Audit Evidence – Additional Considerations for Specific Items
News Scan
GN (A) 19 (Issued 2005) Guidance Note on Accounting for State-level Value Added Tax
Post-Budget Memorandum - 2005 Executive Summary
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India Contribution Towards Tsunami Relief Fund List of Contributors Above Rs. 1000
List of Contributors—Rs. 1000 and Below
New Publication
All India CMII Conference (Non-Residential)
Handbook of Auditing Pronouncements
Conference On Construction Industry

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