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Objectives (WTO)

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  • To create a knowledge base on various matter concerning various National and International Trade Laws and Protocols, and their National and International implications and ramifications.

  • Carry out research and development and the building up of a clearing-house of cases on all matters of WTO agreements which are of national concern including safeguards and redressal mechanisms and suggesting alternative formulation in national interest which could form subject matters of future consultation or pre negotiations of WTO agreement.

  • Increasing awareness amongst Domestic Industry, business, agriculture, service and other sectors on the impacts of trade laws arising out of WTO agreement and other treaties as member of WTO.

  • Cooperating with industry associates, bodies set up by Govt. of India and Export Promotion Council on various issues related to tariff, non tariff and tactical barriers and undertake drive for awareness campaign by jointly or severally holding conferences, seminars, group discussions and other mode of awareness and campaign as also to develop linkages with overseas organizations in order to create a common perception and approach to the resolution of multilateral trade issues.

  • Exploit all potential provisions of WTO agreement available to the developing nations and advising and counseling the Government of India on all such issues of national importance.

  • To assist the Government in negotiating with the International Community in the perspective of the WTO regime and to help strengthen the Indian position in these regards in all possible ways.

  • To co-ordinate efforts with the Government in creating a level playing field particularly for the accounting professionals in India specially in view of the implementation of the WTO regime on GATS through the most effective means possible including the organization of seminars, publication of articles and monographs, and presentation before the Government.

  • Identify areas of non-fulfillment of the WTO agreement which concern Indian interest and suggest line of action and remedies open for fulfillment of these obligations.

  • Initiate discussions on making the domestic trade and export and import policies more WTO compatible and suggest initiatives to be taken in this respect at various levels to ensure high growth in export and economy including the development of various modes of synergy and effective regulation of trade laws which are functionally divided between Commerce, Finance, Foreign and Product related Ministries.

  • To study the impact and threat perception of WTO agreement on the growing service sector industries including all those covered under 'business services' of GATS agreement in general and knowledge, accountancy and consulting services, transport, communication, medical, education, insurance, banking in particular and suggest policy issues, develop research and education programs aimed at educating members of ICAI.

  • To develop a base of expertise amongst the members of the Institute on Intellectual Property Rights, TRIPS, Anti-dumping laws, EXIM Policy matters etc., through Seminars, training programs and such other methods as may be considered effective.

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