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Obligations of the Practice Unit

Provisions of access to any record or document to a reviewer:

  1. Any person (Partner/ Sole Proprietor of the practice unit to which the particular review relates or any person employed by or whose services are engaged by such unit), and who is reasonably believed by a reviewer to have in his possession or under his control any record or other document which contains or is likely to contain information relevant to the peer review shall:

    1. Produce to the reviewer or afford him access to, any record or document specified by the reviewer or any other record or document which is of a class or description so specified, and which is in his possession or under his control, being in either case a record or other document which the reviewer reasonably believes is or may be relevant to the peer review, within such time as the reviewer may reasonably require;

    2. If so required by the reviewer, afford and provide to him such explanation or further particulars in respect of anything produced in compliance with a requirement under sub clause (i) above, as the reviewer shall specify; and

    3. Provide to the reviewer all assistance in connection with peer review which he is expected to provide.

  2. Where any information or matter relevant to a practice unit is recorded otherwise than in a legible form, the practice unit shall provide and present to the reviewer a reproduction of any such information or matter, or of the relevant part of it in a legible form, with a suitable translation in English if the matter is in any other language, and such translation is requested for by the reviewer.

  3. The practice unit shall ensure that the reviewer is given access to all documents relevant to his review no matter which office of the practice unit these documents may be available in, in case the practice unit has more than one office.

  4. A practice unit shall allow the reviewer to inspect, examine or take any abstract of or extract from a record or document which may be required by the reviewer.

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