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Stage I - Planning

(i) Notification

A practice unit will be notified in writing about an impending peer review and will be sent a Questionnaire for completion together with a panel of three suggested names of reviewers. The practice unit will have to give its choice of reviewer within a period of 15 days from the day of receipt of the panel sent by the Board.

(ii) Return of completed Questionnaire

The practice unit shall have to complete and return the Questionnaire to the reviewer within one month of receipt. The information will be used for the planning of the review. In addition, practice units will be required to enclose a complete list of their attestation services clients, and to provide any other information the reviewer considers necessary to facilitate the selection of a sample of attestation services engagements, representative of the practice unit's client portfolio, for review.

(iii) Sample of Attestation services Engagements

  1. From the complete attestation services client list, an initial sample will be selected by the reviewer. Practice units will be notified of the selection in writing about two weeks in advance, requesting the relevant records of the selected attestation services clients to be made available for review.

  2. At the execution stage, the initial sample may be reduced to a smaller actual sample for review. However, if the reviewer considers that the actual sample does not cover a fair cross-section of the practice unit's attestation services engagements, he may make further selections.

(iv) Confirmation of visit

In consultation with the practice unit date(s) will be set for the on-site review to be carried out. Flexibility will be permitted to ensure that members are not inconvenienced at especially busy periods. The on-site review date(s) will be arranged by mutual consent such that the review is conducted within four months of notification.

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