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Powers of the Board

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  • The Board shall be vested with the powers to ensure compliance of the statement.
  • The powers and duties of the Board shall include:
    • To call for information and / or records from Practice Units / Reviewers in such form and manner as may be prescribed;
    • To arrange for orientation and periodic training programmes for Reviewers and/ or Practice Units;
    • To prescribe the procedures to be followed in relation to Peer Review;
    • To maintain a panel of Reviewers;
    • To define the terms of appointment of the Reviewers;
    • To prescribe formats for maintenance of records by Peer Reviewers and to examine the same.
    • To Review the work performed by a Reviewer;
    • To collect information to determine the level of a Practice Unit as referred to in Para 11 of this Statement.
    • To define the scope of selection of Practice unit for Peer Review as the Board may deem fit;
    • To select and notify the Practice Unit for Peer Review to be conducted during the year;
    • To select three Reviewers and intimate their names to the Practice Unit and allow the Practice Unit to choose any one Reviewer there-from within 30 days or such other period as may be prescribed from time to time by the Board;
      Provided that, the Board shall, for reasons to be recorded in writing, appoint a Reviewer for the Practice Unit if: -
      • the Practice Unit does not select Reviewer within a period of 30 days or such other period as may be prescribed, from the date of service of the intimation; or
      • all the three Reviewer have declined the assignment; or
      • The Reviewer selected by the Practice Unit does not give his confirmation within 30 days of being intimated by the Peer Review Board.
      • The Practice Unit on its own requests the Board to appoint a Reviewer.
      • To prescribe a register to be maintained by the Practice Unit for assurance services rendered during the year.
      • On considering the report of a Reviewer:
        • Issue recommendations to the Practice Unit; or
        • Order a “Follow On” Peer Review to be carried out; or
        • Issue Peer Review Certificate in the format as the Board may decide.
      • To form such sub groups of the Board, as may be necessary to discharge its various functions.
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