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Index of some useful articles taken from Periodicals received during July - August 2020 for the reference of Faculty/Students & Members of the Institute.

1. Accountancy

  • Accounting relief for rent concessions on leases by Dolphy D’Souza, BCAJ, July 2020.
  • Network centrality analysis in Management and Accounting sciences by Alexander Dias. RAUSP Management Journal, Vol.55/2, 2020.
  • What makes accounting interesting for learners? Viewpoint of a teacher from India by Sivasankaran Narayanasamy. Asian Journal of Accounting Research, Vol. 5/1, 2020, pp.103-118.

2. Auditing

  • Trainee auditors’ perception of ethical climate and workplace bullying in Chinese Audit firms by Anthony A. Liu. Asian Journal of Accounting Research, vol.5/1, 2020, pp.63-79.
  • Understanding the theoretical underpinnings of corporate fraud by Naman Desai. Vikalpa, Jan.-March 2020. Pp. 25-31.

3. Economics

  • Corona virus and the Insurance Industry: Rising to the occasion by R. Venugopal.the Insurance Times, May 2020, pp. 28-30.
  • Development finance, blended finance and insurance by Hongjoo Jung. International Trade Politics and Development, vol.4/1, 2020, pp.47-60.
  • Public sector banks deserve respect by Abhishek Singh. Banking finance, April 2020, pp.41-46

4. Management

  • Corporate governance and business innovation among listed Moroccan companies by Zoubida Samlal. Journal of Economics finance & Administrative Science. Vol.25-49, 2020, pp.61-72.
  • Model for assessing the quality of Marketing-Management education by Jaime Rivera and victor Alarcon. Journal of Economics finance & Administrative Science. Vol.25-49, 2020, pp.5-25.
  • Working capital challenges CA firms in covid times by Rajaran Ajagaonkar, BCAJ, July 2020.

5. Taxation and Finance

  • All about interest in GST – Past, present and Future outlook by Shubham Khaitan. Goods & Services Tax Cases, Vol. 78, 2020, pp.109-114.
  • Understanding the relaxation in availing of input tax credit due to covid- 19 outbreak by Mohammad Salim. Goods & Services Tax Cases, Vol. 78, 2020, pp. 71-75.

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