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Index of some useful articles taken from Periodicals received during May-June 2020 for the reference of Faculty/Students & Members of the Institute.

1. Accountancy

  • Accounting for international development by Neil Jennings. International Accountant, January-February 2020, pp. 22-23.
  • Detecting anomalies in financial statements using machine learning algorithm : The case of Vietnamese listed firms by Mark Lokanam and Vincent Tran. Asian Journal of Accounting Research, 2019, pp.181-201.
  • Flexible work strategies for public accounting by Margaret Knight and Regina Taylor. Journal of Accountancy, February 2020, pp.23-27.
  • IND AS/IGAAP-Interpretation & practical application : Uncertainty over income tax treatments by Dolphy D’souza. Bombay Chartered Accountant, Vol.51-B/6, March 2020, pp.66-68.
  • Lease Accounting standard requires new auditor judgments by Stephen G. Austin and Joel Colbourn. Journal of Accountancy, March 2020, pp.22-26.

2. Auditing

  • Brydon Review of audit quality by Steve Collings. International Accountant, January-February 2020, pp.24-26.
  • Current Issue in auditing : Part 1. International Accountant, January-February 2020, pp.14-16.
  • Influence of audit committee’s and company’s characteristic on intellectual capital disclosure by Zahroh Naimah and Nico Acintyo Mukti. Asian Journal of Accounting Research, 2019, pp.170-180.

3. Economics

  • Changing economics of feeding the world by Jessica Sier. The Malaysian Accountant, January-February 2020, pp.13-16.
  • Concept of New India challenges and expectations by Dharma Teja Emmadi. The Management Accountant, Vol.55/03, March 2020,96-97.

4. Law

  • Competition Law in the digital economy by Surendra U. Kanstiya. Chartered Secretary, Vol.50/03, March 2020, pp.54-56.
  • Insolvency code vs PMLA : Conflict or overlap? By Dilip Sheth. Bombay Chartered Accountant, Vol.51-B/6, March 2020, pp.11-14.

5. Management

  • How insider CEOs succeed advice from those who’ve done it by Andrew P. Chastain. Harvard Business Review, Vol.98/2, March-April 2020, pp,68-75.
  • Impact of perceived CSR on corporate reputation and purchase intention by Enrique Bianchi and Juan Manuel Bruno. European Journal of Management and Business Economics, Vol.28/3, 2019, pp.206-221.

6. Taxation and Finance

  • Union Budget and the trade sector by Biswajit Dhar and Ramaa Arun Kumar. Economic and Political Weekly, Vol.54/9, 29 February 2020, pp.41-44.
  • Seeking fiscal prudence in union budget by Sreehari Chava and Vinayak S. Deshpande. The Management Accountant, Vol.55/03, March 2020, pp.85-90.

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