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Forthcoming batches of the Virtual Certificate Course on Concurrent Audit of Banks

List of Successful Candidates

The Internal Audit Standards Board of the ICAI is pleased to offer Virtual Certificate Course on “Concurrent Audit of Banks” to enable members to understand the intricacies of concurrent audit of banks.

Course Objectives

The overall objectives of the course are:

  • To supplement the effort of the banks in carrying out internal check of the transactions and other verifications and compliance with the procedures laid down;
  • To improve the effectiveness of concurrent audit system in banks
  • To improve quality and coverage of concurrent audit reports.


The course is open for the members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India as well as the students who have cleared CA final examination.

Mode of Class

The classes would be conducted through blue jeans link as provided to Participants by the Board. Participants would login with their own laptops/ computer system. There is no such need to visit the venue or Branch premises to attend the class. Through BlueJeans, participants and speakers would be connected face-to-face from anywhere.

Registration Process

Participants are required to register and make payment online and fill online registration form. They are required to submit correct required details. The Board is then required to verify the submitted details and send classes details to the participants on the registered email id.

Batch size

15 members




  • Eligibility: A candidate will have to attend 80% of classes, i.e., 9 days’ classes, failing which, he/ she will not be entitled to appear in the evaluation.
  • Number of attempts: There is no limit on the permissible number of attempts for the evaluation tests.


The total duration of virtual classes is 11 days from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM divided into 22 technical sessions (of 33 hrs) which may be held either on weekends or on three consecutive days.

CPE Hours

CPE credit of 30 Structured CPE Hours will be given to the participants after completion of the Course. However, it will be given on proportionate basis in case of less attendance.

Course Structure


Examination would be conducted on quarterly basis. The examination date and time would be informed to participants by the Board through e-mail.

Do’s and Don’t list

  • Downloading the Bluejeans App/Plugin.
  • Participants can also join the e-meeting via Browser, entering the Meeting ID and Name.
  • We request you to kindly enter your name along with membership no.
  • Bandwidth Limitation: Minimum bandwidth required (i.e. 512 Kbps). Broadband/Leased Line is recommended. As user, will get dropped if network bandwidth is less than minimum required bandwidth.
  • Keep the microphone muted when you are not participating in discussion during the session
  • Increase the audio level of the system to a comfortable level.
  • Position Camera: Don’t position your Camera too low. Do not try weird angles like side view.
  • Chat option: Participants are requested not to chat during session.
  • Do ask permission of faculty before taking any action. Take the permission of the faculty when you are about to do something like sharing your screen or sharing a file. You do not want to surprise or confuse the other participants with sudden actions that can disrupt others.
  • Don’t work on something else while in virtual classes. Some people do not take virtual classes seriously. They think it is enough that they are present there and that the other participants can see them. They then proceed to work on other tasks while half-listening to the ongoing class. This is rude and disrespectful to others.
  • Make sure your room is well lit (side lighting is the best). Use natural light from windows or simply turn on the overhead light in the room.
  • Do check your settings before the class. Be aware of your video and audio settings and make sure everything is in place.
  • Queries: Participants may use chat option for addressable of their queries or raise their hands.

Below is the summary of requirements for Bluejeans Participants:

Particulars Configuration Remarks
Operating Systems Windows - 10, 8, 7 (SP1+), and Vista (SP2+)/ Mac - OS X 10.9+ / Linux - RHEL 7+ and Fedora 22+ Any of the Windows Version as Mentioned
Hardware Requirements Cameras: Logitech - C100, C120, C310 / Microsoft LifeCam - HD-3000 and HD-6000/ any HD Webcam, Headsets and Microphones RAM: minimum 1GB Memory: At-least 50MB of free space Good Quality Headphone and Webcam would provide the high quality video and Audio.
Internet Bandwidth Minimum & Stable 384 Kbps speed in both directions; 1 Mbps recommended for high video resolution. 1 Mbps (Broadband) is recommended for Dedicated Connection, *Wi Fi Dongle, Mobile 3G, 4G Connection may drop the Participant from Webcast.

Course Chairman: Chairman, Internal Audit Standards Board of ICAI

For Registration, please contact:
Internal Audit Standards Board Secretariat
Phone no: 0120-3045995

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