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Stipend to articled assistants
Stipend to articled assistants applicable on or after June 1, 2006

A person registered as an Articled is entitled to receive a minimum monthly stipend as per the rates specified under the Chartered Accountants Regulations, from time to time. The current minimum rates of monthly stipend payable, depending on the situation of the normal place of services of the articled assistants, are as follows:

Classification of the normal place of service of the articled assistant Stipend Payable per month
During the first year of training During the second year of training During the remaining period of training
Cities/Towns having population of 20 lakhs and above Rs 2,000 Rs 2,500 Rs 3,000
Cities/Towns having population of 4 lakhs and above but less than 20 lakhs Rs 1,500 Rs 2,000 Rs 2,500
Cities/Towns having a population of less than 4 lakhs Rs 1,000 Rs 1,500 Rs 2,000
Last updated on 9th November, 2017

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