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6th Online Batch of Certificate Course on Fundamental and Technical Analysis of Stocks including Equity Research from 20th April to 23rd June 2024 at 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon

About The Course

This course is meant for the young brigade of upcoming analysts in the industry of share market, stock market and includes technical and basic of fundamental analysis. Fundamental analysis is a stock valuation methodology that uses financial and economic analysis to envisage the movement of Stock prices. The fundamental data that is analyzed could include a Company’s Financial Reports and Non-Financial information Such as estimates of its growth, demand for products sold by the Company, Industry Comparisons, Economy-wide changes, Changes in Government Policies etc.

Fundamental Analysis focuses on the economic forces of Demand & Supply that causes prices to move Higher, Lower or Stay the same. Technical Analysis is the Study of Market Action, primarily through the use of charts, for the purpose of forecasting Future price trends.

Technical analysis is all about studying stock price graphs and a few momentum oscillators derived thereof. It must be understood that technical Studies are based entirely on prices and do not include balance sheets, P & L accounts (fundamental analysis), the assumption being that the markets are efficient, and all possible price sensitive information is built into the price Graph of a security/index.

Therefore, technical analysis (crowd analysis) supports the efficient market theory as against the random walk theory which supports the belief that stocks can be bought/sold on random events like flipping a coin!!! Technical analysis is more dynamic as compared to fundamental analysis based on one simple argument fundament alanalysts depend on corporate events like quarterly results, annual results and special announcements like earnings guidance and policy changes in operations to generate a buy/sell recommendation.


Only the Members of ICAI are eligible to pursue this course.

Course Duration

Classes will be for 20 days online virtual classes - 3 Hours each day


A candidate will have to attend 90% of classes, i.e., 18 days’ classes, failing which, he/ she will not be entitled to appear in the exams. 90% attendance in classes is mandatory for appearing in the exams.

Professional Credit

The participants to this course will be given 30 CPE Hrs wherein credit of 25 CPE hours will be given after completion of classes and remaining 5 hours will be given after qualifying the exam as per CPE guidelines

Course Contents

Day Hours Chapter
1 1 hrs Mastering Fundametal Analysis- Fundamentals of Fundamental Analysis
  2 hrs Mastering Fundametal Analysis- Digging Deeper: Analyzing Financial Statements
2 3 hrs Mastering Fundametal Analysis- Valuation Techniques and Models
3 1 hrs Analyzing Market Environment
  1 hr Analyzing Management Quality and Corporate Governance
  0.5 hrs Uncovering Hidden Gems: Identifying Undervalued Stocks
  0.5 hrs Financial Performance and Key Metrics
4 3 hrs Risk Analysis and Mitigation
Case Studies: Applying Fundamental Analysis
5 3 hrs Case Studies: Applying Fundamental Analysis _continued
6 3 hrs Understanding Technical Analysis
7 2 hrs Dow Theory and Market Trends
  1 hr Chart Patterns and Formations
8 3 hrs Chart Patterns and Formations
9 2 hrs Chart Patterns and Formations
  1 hrs Moving Averages and Trend Indicators
10 2 hrs Moving Averages and Trend Indicators
  1 hr Oscillators and Overbought/Oversold Conditions
11 1 hrs Fibonacci Analysis
  2 hrs Japanese Candlestick Patterns
12 3 hrs Japanese Candlestick Patterns
13 2 hrs Technical Indicators and Strategies
  1 hrs Risk Management and Stop Losses
14 1 hrs Risk Management and Stop Losses
  2 hrs Putting it All Together: Practical Examples and Case Studies
15 1.5 hrs Finding the Intersection: Identifying Stocks with Strong Fundamentals
  1.5 hrs Technical Patterns and Trend Analysis with Fundamental Backdrop
16 1 hrs Fundamental Catalysts and Technical Breakouts
  1 hrs News and Sentiment Analysis in Technical Context
  1 hrs Case Studies: Real-Life Examples of Integrating Fundamental Analysis with Technical Analysis
17 3 hrs Psychology and its Impact on Trading / Investing
18 3 hrs Psychology and its Impact on Trading / Investing
19 3 hrs Report Writing
20 3 hrs Legal and Regulatory Framework in India
  60 hrs  

Evaluation Pattern

There will be 2 Papers of 80 marks for three hours at the end of the course. The paper will consist of 100% multiple objective type questions. A passing grade is awarded if the candidate obtains 40% marks in each paper and 50% in the aggregate.

Paper-1 Module 1 & 4 along with case studies and practical questions 80 Marks (80 MCQs- 1 marks each)
Paper-2 Module 2 & 3 along with case studies and practical questions 80 Marks (80 MCQs- 1 marks each)
Project Project/s Topic given during sessions 40 Marks (case study)
Total   200 Marks

Course Fee

Course fee of Certificate course on Fundamental and Technical Analysis of Stocks Including Equity Research Rs.8,850/- [Rs. 7,500/- (Course fee) + Rs. 1350/- (18% GST)]

For details-contact

To Secretary,
Committee on Financial Markets and Investors’ Protection
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
Second Floor, Hostel Block
ICAI Bhawan, A-29- Sector 62 Noida, 201309
Contact Details: 0120- 3045905

Note: Committee reserves the right to change the venue, time, date, pattern and course curriculum.

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