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  • To address, undertake CSR programs, social & public welfare, health, education, yoga, sanitary, road safety, energy management, ecological conservation, human resource education, employment, environment sustainability, social business projects, art & culture, sports, economic and any other areas concerning the Society welfare and development including activities contained in Schedule VII or other provisions of Companies Act 2013.
  • To interact, suggest and assist Government, policy making agencies in the formulation and compliance of regulations, policies on CSR activities.
  • To conduct Certificate courses, Training program, Seminars, Conferences, workshops, conclaves, webcasts, Summits, exhibitions, awareness programs, public meetings etc. for the members, students, government officials, organisations & society at large for making them understand, aware, updated and better implementation of CSR regulations and allied fields and laws directly, or through Regions, branches, groups and Task Force and financially supporting them
  • To issue advisory to the various organisations / members / students of ICAI in/about the Government’s CSR regulations, schemes and activities
  • To bring out E-Newsletter of committee; create and maintain website and background materials / publications on CSR regulations, initiatives and / or schemes initiated by the Government and socio-economic issues for sustainable benefit
  • To recognize Corporate entities, organisations, individuals, opinion leaders, Regional Councils & Branches of ICAI who have chosen the noble path by way of CSR awards. To recognise and financially support Regional Councils and Branches, issue the appreciation certificate to the members, students and volunteers for their contribution and participation in various activities organised by the committee or other organs of ICAI.
  • To undertake or assist research & surveys, adaptation of research findings so as to help government, Corporates/other entities to meet the expectation of society/their stakeholders in fulfilling Social responsibilities.
  • To undertake /publish Technical research/Guidance note on legal, accounting, reporting and / or other aspect of CSR either independently or jointly with any other Committee of the ICAI.
  • To develop and support the activities necessary to convert CSR policies of the Corporate into an effective plan for implementation for the benefit of society as a whole.

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