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Members & Students Services Directorate
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

30th May, 2020

Further to ICAI Announcement dated 13th May 2020 regarding retrospective restoration for year 2019-20, members who have already paid fees for prospective restoration during the current year may in their own interest can request ICAI to adjust the fees for the previous year. In such a scenario, the fees paid will be adjusted for the previous year 2019-20 and the fee for 2020-21 will be due thereafter. Members may apply for change of their prospective restoration of Membership/COP to retrospective restoration by sending a request to latest by 31st May 2020 giving details of name, membership no, date of prospective restoration and firm`s association, etc.

30th May 2020 Additional Secretary
M&C-MSS Section
Announcement-PDF Version

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