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Completion of MCS Course and Advanced IT Course through Virtual Mode as one time measure for students who have passed Final Exam /result withheld (May, 2019 & November, 2019)

In view of the ongoing spurt of COVID-19 virus pandemic and subsequent suspension of IT and Soft Skills Classes all across the country, the competent authority has decided that the students who have passed the Final exam/result withheld (May,2019 & November,2019) as one time measure can undergo MCS and Advanced IT Course through Virtual Mode as per the following:

  • The students who have partially undergone the Course shall be completing the balance hours of the Course though virtual mode. The students who are yet to start the course shall be undergoing the complete course.

  • The students who have already paid the fees for physical classes through online portal need not pay fees again in virtual mode.

The portal for undergoing Virtual MCS/Adv.IT will be LIVE from 1st June, 2020.

Students Skills Enrichment Board, BOS (Operations)

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