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25th April 2017
Re: Discontinuation of some of the Post Qualification Courses for members

The post qualification courses for members conducted by ICAI include the following:

  • Management Accountancy Course (MAC)
  • Tax Management Course (TMC)
  • Corporate Management Course (CMC) and
  • International Trade Laws and World Trade Organisation (ITL & WTO)

Examinations in respect of the above-mentioned post qualification courses for members are held once a year in the month of November.

It has now been decided by the Council of the Institute to discontinue the above mentioned post qualificationcourses for members and the examinations thereon. Hence there would be no more registrations for the abovementioned courses.

For the benefit of those who are already doing the course, two more examinations will be held in respect of the above mentioned courses, i.e. in November 2017 and in November 2018.

The last examination in respect of the above mentioned courses will be held in November 2018.

All other post qualification courses and examinations shall continue to be held in the normal course.

Members who are registered for the above-mentioned courses are requested to take note of the above and act accordingly.

Last updated on 12th June, 2017

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