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No.M-626/2017 3rd March, 2017

Madam/Dear Sir,

The President, in terms of authority given to him at the 363rd meeting of the Council held on 12th February, 2017 has formed a Group with the following composition:

  • CA. Nihar Niranjan Jambusaria, Convenor
  • CA. Babu Abraham Kallivayalil
  • CA. Mangesh P. Kinare
  • CA. Atul Kumar Gupta
  • CA. Sripriya Kumar
  • CA. Kemisha Soni
  • CA. Ranjeet Kumar Agarwal

The following will be the Terms of Reference of the Group:

“To look at the existing compensation package and perquisites for employees including the terminal benefits and the past and future connectivity to Central Government schemes, review the scheme and methodology of promotions, review the work corresponding to the salaries drawn, suggest a framework required for attracting and retaining the best talent in the Institute”.

Shri Rakesh Sehgal, Director will act as Secretary to the said Group.

Yours faithfully,

( V. Sagar )

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