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21st July 2015

Holding of examination in respect of the post qualification course in Insurance and Risk Management, once a year, in November.

In view of the low number of candidates applying for appearing in the post qualification course Examination in respect of the Diploma Course in Insurance and Risk Management, it has been decided by the Examination Committee that the said Examination, will henceforth be held once a year in the month of November only, with effect from November 2015, as against the current practice of holding the same twice a year in May and November.

It may be noted that other post qualification courses examinations are also are being held, once a year in November only [except the Information Systems Audit - Assessment Test (ISA AT), which is held twice a year usually in June and December].

Candidates are requested to take note of the abovementioned change.

Examination Department
Last updated on 22nd July, 2015

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