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Zone-shifting of candidates for 14th December - 2014 CPT. - (23-11-2014)
Application Form for the Information Systems Audit (ISA) Assessment Test - December, 2014 [Last Date - 4th December, 2014] - (21-11-2014)
Shifting of Exam Centre at Ajmer, Chandigarh, Chennai, Ernakulam, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kolkata/Howrah, New Delhi, Patna - For Intermediate Paper-4 on 23rd November, 2014. - (19-11-2014)
Notification - Postponement of Group – I, Paper – 4, Taxation of Intermediate (IPC). - (16-11-2014)
Postponement of Group-I, Paper-4, of Intermediate (IPC) examination scheduled for 14th November 2014 to 23rd November 2014. - (14-11-2014)
Accounting Technician Certificates issued in the month July, 2014 - (13-11-2014)
Notification - ISA - AT scheduled on 27.12.2014 - (10-11-2014)
Observations of the candidates on the question papers of CA examinations-Nov. 2014 - (09-11-2014)
Notification – Special Examination (CPT) in the State of Jharkhand and Jammu & Kashmir on 21.12.2014 - (07-11-2014)
Announcement - Candidates of Srinagar (J & K) for November 2014 CA Examinations. - (03-11-2014)
Hosting of exemption(s) in a paper granted in Intermediate and Final examinations, valid for November 2014. - (15-10-2014)
Details of Roll Nos. and Exam Centres pertaining to PQC November, 2014 Examinations (MAC/CMC/TMC/DIRM/ITL&WTO) - (15-10-2014)
Announcement - Zone Shifting of Candidates for November 2014 CA Examinations. - (14-10-2014)
Admit Cards for November 2014 CA Exams. - (14-10-2014)
FAQs on Admit Cards-November 2014 CA Exams - (14-10-2014)
Companies/Agencies Seeking Verification of Chartered Accountants Qualification to Remit Fee. - (13-10-2014)
Empanelment of Members for the Assignment of “Checkers” for CA Examinations to be held in November 2014. - (01-10-2014)
Extension of Date for Empanelment as Observers for Nov/Dec. 14 CA Exams/CPT, extended to 7th October 2014. - (27-09-2014)
Special Examinations under MRAs / MOUs - (22-09-2014)
Accounting Technician Certificates issued in the month June, 2014. - (17-09-2014)
Extension of last date for submission of application forms for Final/Intermediate(IPC) examinations to be held in November 2014,with late fee, uptoand inclusive of 22nd September 2014, for residents of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. - (14-09-2014)
Applications by candidates with disabilities for availing of concessions in CA Examinations. - (10-09-2014)
Declaration of a candidate of Common Proficiency Test (CPT), Intermediate (IPC) and Final examinations conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), as a rank holder. - (10-09-2014)
Correction Window for November-2014 Online Exam Forms - (02-09-2014)
Empanelment of Members to act as Observers at the Examination Centres for the Chartered Accountants Examinations November / December 2014. - (29-08-2014)
Result of the Insurance & Risk Management [IRM] Examination held in June, 2014 declared. - (21-08-2014)
Result of the Chartered Accountants Intermediate (IPC) Examination held in May/June, 2014 declared. - (21-08-2014)
Application forms for DIRM, ITL&WTO (Part-I), MAC(Part-I), CMC(Part-I) & TMC (Part-I) Examinations-Nov, 2014 - (12-08-2014)
Result of the Chartered Accountants Final Examination held in May/June, 2014 declared. - (08-08-2014)
Accounting Technician Certificates issued in the month April, 2014. - (02-08-2014)
CPT - December, 2014 - Notification. - (16-07-2014)
CA Examinations - November, 2014 - Notification. - (16-07-2014)
Result of the Common Proficiency Test (CPT) held in June, 2014 declared. - (16-07-2014)
Result of the Information Systems Audit [ISA] Assessment Test held on 28th June, 2014 declared. - (16-07-2014)
Accounting Technician Certificates issued in the month March, 2014. - (04-07-2014)
Observers Portal-Common Proficiency Test-22nd June 2014. - (17-06-2014)
Panel of writers for candidates with disability, who are permitted assistance of writer in Chartered Accountants examinations. - (15-05-2014)
Important Announcement of change of Examination Centre in Siliguri (West Bengal) - (13-05-2014)
Provisional admission to CA Final Examination May-2014 -(09-05-2014)
Reimbursement of travel expenses of rank holders in CA examinations invited to the Annual Day Function held in New Delhi, for receiving the Medals/Awards/Merit Certificate.-(08-05-2014)
Notification – ISA – AT scheduled on 28.06.2014 - (06-05-2014)
Admit Cards for May 2014 Exams. - (04-05-2014)
FAQs on Admit Cards-May/June 2014 CA Exams - (04-05-2014)
Empanelment of “Writers” for Chartered Accountants Examination - (03-04-2014)
Invitation to act as Checker for Chartered Accountants Examinations. - (18-03-2014)
Supply of Certified Copies of Evaluated Answer Books in Soft Form - (28-02-2014)
Announcement inviting application for empanelment as examiner of Chartered Accountants Examinations - (19-02-2014)
Guidelines and Procedure to be followed for Grant of Writer/Compensatory Time to Differently Abled - Physically and/or Visually - Candidates - (17-02-2014)
Procedure /Details for Grant of Compensatory Time/Writer’s Help in case A Candidate Applies for The First Time i.e. Where A Candidate has not already been issued Permanent Concession Card issued by The Institute. - (17-02-2014)
Final / Intermediate(IPC) - Format for Letter reporting discrepancies, if any, in the Certified Copies received. - (05-02-2014)
Result of the Chartered Accountants Final Examination held in November, 2013 and Common Proficiency Test (CPT) held in December, 2013 declared. - (15-01-2014)
FAQs on Verification of Marks and how to apply Online.- (13-01-2014)
Result of the Chartered Accountants Final Examination held in November, 2013 and Common Proficiency Test (CPT) held in December, 2013 are likely to be declared on Wednesday, the 15th January, 2014. - (09-01-2014)
Procedure for providing inspection/certified copies of evaluated answer-books to examinees - (01-01-2014)
Facility for Downloading the Result Card of CPT (Examination) - (13-11-2013)
Invitation for ISA-AT Question Bank - (08-11-2013)
Invitation for CPT Question Bank - (08-11-2013)
Notification – Special Examination in Kathmandu (Nepal) on 23.11.2013 - (05-11-2013)
FAQs on Admit Cards for November 2013 Exams. - (10-10-2013)
FAQs on Mark Sheets - (01-10-2013)
Schedule of Fee for exam related services For CA examinations - (05-09-2013)
Schedule of Fee for exam related services For Post Qualification courses - (05-09-2013)
Modification in the Scheme for Providing Inspection/Certified Copies of Evaluated Answer Books to the Concerned Examinees. - (02-08-2013)
Extension of exemption granted by one more examination for students who switched over to the Intermediate(IPC) Course under Direct Entry Scheme before 30th September 2012. - (24-07-2013)
Important Announcement - (23-07-2013)
CA Examinations - November, 2013 - Notification - (05-07-2013)
Address for Sending/Making Request/Correspondence Relating to Examinatinon Matters - (11-04-2013)
Guidelines for Differently abled – physically and/or visually - candidates and procedure for issue of Permanent Concession Card. - (23-02-2013)
Revised Passing Requirements for Common Proficiency Test (CPT) effective from June, 2013 - (22-02-2013)
Frequently Asked Questions on Supply of Certified Copies/Inspection of Evaluated Answer Books
Renaming of the Integrated Professional Competence Examination (IPCE). - (27-12-2012)
Announcement: Retention Policy on Answer Books - [No.13-CA(Exams) dated on November 16, 2012] - (20-11-2012)
Procedure for Verification of Answer Books of Chartered Accountants-Final, PCE, IPCE / ATE / IPCE Units, Examinations-May 2012 and CPT-June 2012. - (12-07-2012)
FAQs on Verification of Marks - (11-07-2012)
Submission of On-line Applications for Verification/Inspection/Supply of Copies of Evaluated Answer Books. - (09-07-2012)
Announcement Regarding Unauthorised Downloading/Use of Examination related Information/Data. - (31-12-2011)
FAQs on IPCE Unit Scheme - (07-10-2011)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on “Exemption in a Paper/s” - (19-09-2011)
Provision of 15-minutes reading time to the candidates of CA Examinations - (21-04-2011)
Enhancement of Fees for Issue of Duplicate Mark Sheets - (25-03-2011)
Announcement: Unauthorised use of material from the website - (01-03-2011)
Service Agreement For Examination Centres - (24-01-2011)
Office Directory Examination Department
Guidelines for carry – forward of fees for PQC (MAC/CMC/TMC/ISA/IRM/ITL & WTO) Examinations
Final Examination
Procedure for obtaining Duplicate Marks Sheet, Pass Certificate, Transcript and Attestation of Marks Sheets/Passing Certificates
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